Bry , 25 , from Wilmington Delaware. BRY began DJ’n in 7th grade as his step father was a very popular DJ. It started as him helping his step father carry equipment to and from gigs. That then turned into sneaking and playing with his equipment in the basement while it was stored in the basement. Growing up was tough for BRY , he had a very bad attitude problem and that forced him to move to Atlanta to live with his father. His step father however , promised him that if BRY got his behavior together , he’d buy him his very own DJ controller. Moving to Atlanta was the turning point and BRY did in fact get his self together.

Now BRY’s the new kid in town with no friends. In his room 24/7 BRY was DJ’n for himself in-front of a fake crowd hoping one day these dreams would come true! Fast forward to 10th grade, BRY attended a homecoming that he didn’t truly want to go to. He built up enough courage to introduce himself to the DJ and let him know that I was an aspiring DJ as well. He gave BRY his business card and stated “if I would’ve known you were here I would’ve let you DJ”. That following Monday ,  BRY returned to school and immediately emailed him in his 1st period computer class ! He responded within an hour and said “I will give you a trial gig and if you do well , I’ll send you more gigs”. Needless to say BRY KILLED his 1st opportunity and sure enough after that BRY was DJ’n 1 – 3 times a weekend as a high school student!

Fast forward 10 years later , a now very popular Philly based DJ , BRY has achieved many of the biggest night clubs and bars in the tribe state area.! He has about 5 contracted schools between Atlanta and Philadelphia for homecomings and proms and counting. BRY has done numerous amounts of weddings , mitzvahs , and private events you could ever imagine. He is now on the pursuit of making a bigger name for himself in the Philadelphia nightlife scene. Achieving many primetime slots more recently , BRY is on the rise and is bound to grow a much bigger name  upon releasing original music!


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